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The Psychic. Short Story.

Christina looked at herself in the mirror, she was starting to look a bit gaunt. She would have to speak to her father about that. She applied a small bit of make up to smooth out her already pale skin, … Continue reading

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Yearly Visit. Short Story.

Jason took a deep breath, then got out of the car. The place looked almost exactly the same, not that he expected it to have changed. He was not looking forward to this visit but it had to be done. … Continue reading

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Fortune Teller. Short Story.

Sally sat back and stretched, her back was starting to get sore from being hunched over all day. She stood from the chair and closed over the curtain, putting out a sign and a barrier to prevent people from just … Continue reading

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FWD: FWD: This is CRAZY! He got LOADS of them right! Short Story.

Monday. Yay! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine was pretty fun, went out for a few drinks. Twas pleasant. Beyond that I didn’t get up to much, lots of reading. It’s handy enough with my kindle, but the … Continue reading

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Visions. Short Story.

Still sick. It’s like the song that never ends, but with illness and far more annoying. With illness you can’t just slap who ever is singing to get them to stop. Unsurprisingly, this meant I didn’t get up to much … Continue reading

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Gifted. Short Story.

I’ve been a bit all over the place the last few days, it was a hectic week last week and I’m glad that things are dying down a bit. Extremely emotional few days to say the least! That and very … Continue reading

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Seeing is Believing. Short Story.

Terry walked down the street, trying to stay calm, his mind racing. He dodged a group of people, then increased his pace slightly. There was a low rumbling, he looked up at the grey sky just as it started to … Continue reading

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