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Black Rain. Flash Fiction.

The black rains were coming, Tommy looked at the dark clouds that were rolling towards the town. He’d be stuck indoors for the next week, everyone would be. Once a year the black rain came and with it were the … Continue reading

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Another Rainy Day. Short Story.

Ted sat at the window, looking out at the black rain. “Will you get away from there and just close the blinds or something?” “Why?” “That stuff freaks me out. I don’t want to have to see it.” “They said … Continue reading

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Too Good to be True. Short Story.

Susan gagged, then coughed. That damn smell was back again. She ran to the sink and turned on the tap, after letting it run for a few seconds she shoved the plug into the hole and turned off the tap. … Continue reading

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Trapped. Short Story.

Hope everyone’s week is going well! I haven’t been up to much. I have a feeling that I have, but I really haven’t. I really have the feeling that something happened, or that there was something I wanted to talk … Continue reading

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The Fall. Short Story.

Hey, sorry this is up late. I’m horrifically procrastinatey today as well. My weekend was fun, went out, got drunk, danced. People don’t seem to understand the concept that if I am tipsy/drunk and offered a drink, I will take … Continue reading

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Reverse. Short Story.

Everything is starting to go back to normal now it would seem, though it is slightly strange to think this time last week I was in hospital trying to type with a drip in the back of my hand. It’s … Continue reading

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