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Through Pain and Suffering. Flash Fiction.

“I hate this.” “We all do, but it needs to be done.” “Did you hear who it is this year?” “Jack McGuire. Won by two votes.” “Huh. Yeah, I’m not surprised it’s him, wasn’t he caught stealing a few months … Continue reading

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Safety. Flash Fiction

Samantha wasn’t paying attention when it happened. She had her heard buried in her phone, texting Jason who seemed to be angling for a third date, but hadn’t quite come out and said it yet. Samantha was trying to think … Continue reading

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The Cave. Short Story.

“Tom. Tom.” Tom gritted his teeth, why was that bitch whispering? It’s not like it would make a goddamned difference. “Hey, Tom?” “What.” “We’re…We’re almost out of food.” “So go out and get more.” “I can’t, I can’t leave Eddy … Continue reading

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