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The School. Short Story.

Jake sat down on the hill. The ground was cold and wet, already the water soaked through his pyjamas. It was bright out, so very bright and so very loud. The fire was much louder than he expected. He thought … Continue reading

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Exams. Short Story.

“Ok, are you ready?” “I think so.” “Wow, way to sound confident.” “Yes. I’m ready.” “Good, remember intention counts. Right, start whenever you like.” James took a deep breath, then released it slowly, trying to focus on centering himself. He … Continue reading

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Downward Spiral. Short Story.

Jeremy sat in class, waiting for the day to be over. The geography teacher droned on about plates and crust and something else, magma maybe? He looked down at his copybook, the page was full of doodles and scribbles, not … Continue reading

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Never Changing. Short Story.

The sudden shrieking laughter distracted her, shattering the world she was in. She glanced up from the book to see the source of the noise, as she looked, the general murmur became louder, more obvious. She located the source and … Continue reading

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