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In the Water. Flash Fiction.

Sally sat on the beach, enjoying the heat of the sun on her skin and the gentle lapping of the waves against the shore. She looked out over the ocean, at the ships sailing by on the horizon. In the … Continue reading

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At the Sea. Short Story.

Jake sat on the sand, staring out at the ocean. It was starting to get cold and he would have to leave soon, but he didn’t want to go, he wanted to stay here, with her. She was about ten … Continue reading

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Sea of Hands. Short Story.

He stopped at the edge of the desert, it seemed so impossibly big, nothing but sand and those things. They were the worst, the dangerous part. So many of them, so, so many. Still, he would be safe, as long … Continue reading

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Beach. Short Story.

Todays short story is more flash fiction. I have an appointment at the doctors which will take a few hours of waiting around. Which I have to leave for in like 5 minutes, so I’m obviously well prepared today! My … Continue reading

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An Evening Swim. Short Story.

Today’s short story is up quite early I know, and you want to know why? It’s because I am talking to you, from the PAST! I wrote this story last night, because I am in college insanely early and for … Continue reading

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