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Short break. Blog Post.

Hey guys I’m going to be taking a short break from posting, I’ll be back on Monday the 7th of May.

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Pilgrimage. Short Story.

Sarah reached the top of the hill and unshouldered her pack. There it was, the locals called it the Tree of Life. It stood in the middle of a large clearing. The trees bark was a deep brown, it stretched … Continue reading

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Reset. Flash Fiction.

The room was small, holding only a hospital bed and a chair beside it, a single bare bulb hung from the ceiling giving a weak and watery kind of light. Dana sat on the chair, the old man lay in … Continue reading

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Muddling Through. Flash Fiction.

Diana shifted uncomfortably, the line was moving slowly and she’d been standing for hours. She shuffled forward slightly as the person ahead of her moved up. The line snaked back and forth on itself, with stained and rusting metal barriers … Continue reading

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Final Job. Short Story.

“Are you sure about this?” “Yes, completely. We’re not going to get caught, no one even knows this place exists, besides me and the owner and he’s dead now.” “But a place like this has to have some security, its … Continue reading

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Always With You. Flash Fiction.

Eve looked down at her watch, there was still another twenty minutes left in the presentation and she’d checked out of it a few minutes in. She glanced around the room, going by the yawns and vacant stares she wasn’t … Continue reading

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From Above. Short Story.

Hope everyone is having a good week, haven’t been feeling great myself. Been really exhausted the last few days but what can ya do? Didn’t get up to a whole lot on Paddy’s weekend, watched some movies with a friend, … Continue reading

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