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No Short Story Today.

Hey guys, No short story today, haven’t been great the last few days, been having a bit of a flare up, yay Crohn’s. I’ll be back Friday with a short story,  hope everyone is having a good week!

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Pain. Flash Fiction.

Jackie winced as a small cramp gripped her mid-section. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. She had been warned of these kind of side effects, though the last cramp was pretty mild compared to the others she … Continue reading

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Helping Hand. Flash Fiction

Stephanie looked at the glass of water on the counter, all ready to go. Did she really dare do it? After all it wouldn’t be her fault, not if Jason had asked for it. She wouldn’t be making him drink … Continue reading

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Sore Throat. Flash Fiction.

Thomas took a sip of water, wincing as it went down. His throat had been sore for almost three days with no sign of it getting better. He had booked an appointment with the doctors office, but they wouldn’t be … Continue reading

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The Doll. Short Story.

He knocked on the door three times, then waited. There was no answer. He knocked again, then checked his watch to make sure he wasn’t late. He was on time, as always. A moment later the door opened, a middle … Continue reading

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Family Curse. Short Story.

Still in my sisters, though this is my last day here. I’ll be heading back to Dublin later tonight. Finn is currently sleeping across from me, he’s much cuter when he’s sleepy/tired. The other two dogs are also here, Finn … Continue reading

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Motes in the Air. Short Story.

He was tired, so incredibly tired, but that wasn’t too surprising really, it had been a long stressful day. He had been late to work, again, after his alarm didn’t go off. He had fled the house, only taking the … Continue reading

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