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Daily Dose. Flash Fiction.

Thomas took a swig from the bottle, then grimaced as he felt the burning heat of it move down his throat before blooming in his stomach. He gasped, then took another drink. He started coughing, beads of sweat began to … Continue reading

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Sickness. Flash Fiction.

Jeremy coughed, then cleared his throat, feeling the lump of phlegm work itself free. He spat it into the sink, it was a deep black, stark against the white porcelain of the sink. He took slow, deep breaths, ignoring the … Continue reading

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His Final Days. Short Story.

Frank was dying, despite everyone’s insistence that he wasn’t. He had already accepted it and couldn’t see why they couldn’t. He had lived a good life and a long one, probably longer than he had any right to, he was … Continue reading

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Punishments. Short Story.

Grace sank back into her pillows and dabbed at her mouth with some tissue. At least the vomiting was over for a little while. The bucket was half filled with the thick, gelatinous mass and the room stunk of it. … Continue reading

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Trapped. Short Story.

Tom sat at his desk, there was no point in running, no real point in leaving at all. Already he was feeling sleepy. That was how it was supposed to start, wasn’t it? Others around him were moving towards the … Continue reading

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The Deal. Short Story.

Aaron tapped his foot in a steady rhythm, this was only supposed to take a few seconds, instead it had taken almost ten minutes. The woman in front of him smiled, “it will only be one more moment sir.” He … Continue reading

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Burning/Sickness. Flash Fiction.

Burning John had always known he’d die by fire, ever since he was a child. He had a fascination with it, one that didn’t quite tip over into unhealthy, but was well inside the borders of unusual. It filled his … Continue reading

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