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Always With You. Flash Fiction.

Eve looked down at her watch, there was still another twenty minutes left in the presentation and she’d checked out of it a few minutes in. She glanced around the room, going by the yawns and vacant stares she wasn’t … Continue reading

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Love Across the Distance. Short Story.

Jack stared at the screen, pausing and rewinding when he needed. The sound of her voice was perfect, like angels singing. Her skin was pale and flawless, her make up applied with artful perfection. He listened to her every word … Continue reading

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The Contract. Short Story.

My weekend was pretty fun, went out drinking, nothing too crazy, but it was an enjoyable night none the less!  Hope everyone else had a good weekend too. ——————————————————————————————————- The Contract. She sat, staring at the wall, biting her nails. … Continue reading

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Her Eyes. Short Story.

Sorry this is up so late. Still crippled unfortunately. The meds I’m on have made me more tired than I usually am. Though I’m only on them for a few more days so that should be gone soon enough! It’s … Continue reading

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