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The Collector. Short Story.

So the scopes went well, didn’t end up throwing up or hospitalised afterwards this time so that’s a plus! I’m mostly back to normal now, stomach was fairly tender for the last few days. Over all not a particularly pleasant … Continue reading

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New Neighbours. Flash Fiction.

There was nothing overtly wrong in the house, but there was an underlying smell, beneath the scent of citrus and potpourri, something sour and earthy with a hint of rot. The other smells did a good job of covering it, … Continue reading

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Pain. Flash Fiction.

Jackie winced as a small cramp gripped her mid-section. She took a deep breath and released it slowly. She had been warned of these kind of side effects, though the last cramp was pretty mild compared to the others she … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories. Short Story.

I’ve been meaning to do one one of these things at the start of a short story for a while but I keep forgetting. Mostly because I don’t have a load of interesting things to talk about. Perhaps I should … Continue reading

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Heroes. Short Story.

John watched as the Seven walked out of the building, leading a group of released hostages. The image cut back to a news anchor “this was the scene today as the Seven pulled off a heroic rescue operation. Death Mask … Continue reading

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Surrender. Short Story.

Thomas sipped his cup of coffee, it was lukewarm. He didn’t really want any coffee, but the cup, hot at the time, had been shoved into his hands and it was all he could do to stop it spilling onto … Continue reading

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Miracles. Short Story.

Joseph stood on the doorstep, waiting. He had rang the bell a few minutes ago, but so far no one had answered. He sighed and looked at his watch. He had plenty of things to be doing. Sure, this was … Continue reading

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