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Extraction. Short Story.

Jacob circled her, checking that each of the knots were secure. They were. She had woken up some time ago, but so far he had not spoken, nor had he removed the blindfold. He went to his tray of tools, … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 7

Hope everyone had a good week, mine was fairly uneventful, didn’t get up to much.  eventful thing that happened was I thought some plants were stolen. I was asked ot water them, went outside and they weren’t there. It was … Continue reading

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Hell of a Day. Short Story.

I’ve been a bit sick this week, so nothing interesting to report. Spent most of Monday feeling nauseous (a word I can’t spell without spell check, apparently.) and slightly dizzy. I’m doing better now than I was, which is always … Continue reading

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