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Road Trip. Short Story.

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was ok, didn’t get up to a whole lot. I’m mostly back to normal now, woo! Had some really, really bad stomach cramps on Thursday but they’ve died off thankfully. Was a bit … Continue reading

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Up in the Mountains. Short Story.

Jessica stopped running, her chest was burning and it felt like her legs would collapse any second. She leaned against a tree, gasping for breath. They were still out here somewhere, looking for her. She tried to slow her breathing, … Continue reading

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Road Trip. Short Story.

“This better be worth it.” “It will be, trust me.” “Yeah, yeah, you two can think what you like, but we all know, deep down, that nothing is going to happen.” “Why did you even come with us if you’re … Continue reading

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A Trip. Short Story

“It’s called x-ray.” “That sounds really stupid.” “Ok, well, it kind of does, but he said that it was called that cos it lets you see through all the bullshit. See what the world is really like.” “So it’s like … Continue reading

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