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Best Friends. Short Story.

Anna stared at the sheet in front of her, it was no accident she had gotten this form. Not one bit. She read over the names again, praying that her eyes didn’t play some kind of mean trick on her, … Continue reading

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Attack. Short Story.

He watched her as she walked, Henry made sure he wasn’t too close though, that was always a dead give away. The streets were quiet and mostly empty, it was that golden time of the day when people were all … Continue reading

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The Other Woman. Short Story.

My weekend was pretty boring, I’m almost done with all my assignments, have a few things to submit today and then I am done for christmas! It’s kinda weird thinking about it! —————————————————————————————— The Other Woman. He looked at her … Continue reading

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Future Regrets. Short Story.

Sorry, again, that this is up slightly later than usual! I would like to say there is a valid reason, but really it’s because I’m not feeling great and had a How I Met Your Mother marathon. Exams are almost … Continue reading

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