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Destructive Passion. Short Story.

My week had been progressing slowly, which probably isn’t a huge shock. I’m all mucousy and gross. I didn’t even know it was possible for the body to create this much mucous. It seems almost impossible. In other news, books … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 10

Part 1, Part 9 She sat in the room, bored. She had flicked through the books, they were boring  and tried to master the laptop, which was almost impossible. She managed to click around on it for a few moments … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 1

“Look at them all there, rich bastards.” Tom spat on the ground “Christ, will you just shut up and get a move on? We’re on a limited schedule here.”  Tom grumbled to himself quietly while they worked, Grady caught a … Continue reading

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The Caretaker. Short Story.

My weeks going pretty well, saw Iron Man 3 yesterday, which was pretty awesome. It was much better than I expected, very enjoyable. I spent most of Monday in a car, going around the country, that was ok, but pretty … Continue reading

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Growth. Short Story.

And here it is, the final short story in the five day event. Hope everyone has enjoyed the week, next weeks schedule will return to normal, have a good weekend! On with the show! —————————————————————————————– The bus driver gripped the … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life. Short Story.

Man it’s kinda weird to be putting up a story on a Tuesday. So, it turns out that yes, yes I do have tonsillitis again. One day between stopping the antibiotics and it coming back. One. It’s really starting to … Continue reading

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Announcement! Two Year Anniversary!

So, I think it’s time for a little self-reflection. This has been going for two years, two whole years. I know right? I can hardly believe it myself. When I first began my goal was to get past 3 months, … Continue reading

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