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After The End. Short Story.

Bobby knocked on the door, “House keeping!” He chuckled to himself as there was a loud thud inside, he heard someone stumble to the door and start banging on it. “No dude, turn the handle. The handle!” there was a … Continue reading

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Shadow Crawlers. Part 20.

Another Friday is upon us. Awesome. I managed to do something to my back the other day, not sure what but I keep getting quick bolts of pain. It isn’t too bad at least and it seems to be getting … Continue reading

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The Not-People. Short Story.

The not-person carrying her heavy things stumbled slightly, she unthinkingly rushed forward to help, but by the time she reached them, they had regained their balance. She paused, realising what she had almost done and, blushing, she stood back and … Continue reading

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