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Hostile Work Environment. Flash Fiction.

Fred watched as Jack shovelled more food into his mouth, the sound of lip smacking and chewing was all he could hear, a sheen of sweat coated Jack’s face, a thin skim of grease was just below his bottom lip. … Continue reading

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Little Black Pill. Short Story.

Chad poured whiskey into the coffee mug, filling it about half way, he poured a mouthful into his own mug, then he put the lid on the bottle and put it onto the table. He pulled a small baggie from … Continue reading

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Old St. Nick. Short Story. / Happy Holidays!

Hey guys, wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and I hope everyone is having a wonderful time! – Alan ___________________________________________________________ Old St. Nick. Short Story. Nick watched the house until the last light went out, then he waited a … Continue reading

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Laptop Problems. Blog Post.

Hey guys, laptop is still acting up, I’m hoping I’ll be able to sort something out for Monday. Hope everyone is having a good weekend and enjoying the run up to Christmas! I’m currently down in my sisters, it’s my … Continue reading

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No short story today

Hey guys, having laptop problems, it isn’t starting correctly, trying to fix it but I’m not sure how long it’ll take. Hopefully I’ll have it fixed later tonight, if I can get it fixed I’ll post a short story tomorrow. … Continue reading

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Into the Unknown. Short Story.

Casey stared out her small window at the earth below, it looked smaller than she had expected it to, it was hard to believe that so many people lived on that rock. The room she was in was small, with … Continue reading

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No Short Story Today.

Hey everyone, won’t be a short story today. I’m a bit under the weather and between that, my sister and niece staying over and christmas prep the day just got away from me completely. I’ll be back on Wednesday with … Continue reading

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