There’s Something in the Dark. Flash Fiction.

Sally walked through the brightly lit tunnel, the staccato clacking of her high heels echoing against the tiled walls. She held her purse a little tighter as she walked, the station itself was clean, it always was, and there was no overt danger, but she felt nervous when the station was this empty, anything could happen. She could hear someone bounding down the stairs ahead of her, no doubt rushing to catch a train, she turned the corner then stumbled as someone slammed into her, Sally fell against the wall, using it to keep herself up, she looked around to see another woman, frantically grabbing at the stuff she had dropped, the woman threw one terrified look up the stairs, then having gotten all her things she stood, “Don’t go out there, there’s something in the dark.” With those words she took off again, running as fast as she could. Sally stayed where she was for a moment, waiting to get her breath back and for her heart to slow down. She shook her head, obviously the woman had taken something that hadn’t agreed with her. After her heart stopped hammering in her chest she started walking up the stairs. As she went she could feel a thin thread of unease winding its way through her. What if the woman was being chased by someone? Up ahead she could see the exit, a yawning dark hole. Why were the streetlights out? Had there been a power cut? She dismissed the idea, the lights down here were working, surely if the power went out they’d be gone too. A cool breeze blew down the tunnel, the fresh air calmed her nerves a little, the woman had probably freaked herself out, that was all. She stood at the exit for a moment looking out, the lights were all out. She sighed, there went her plans for dinner anyway. Her stomach grumbled sullenly, well, maybe she still had power, she was a good fifteen minute walk from the station, perhaps it was only this area that was affected.

Sally walked quickly, it was strange how much different the area seemed in the complete dark, the moonlight was providing a bit of brightness, enough for her to see, but not enough to see everything clearly. Sally whirled around, then let out a little giggle, she had thought she had seen a man standing and staring at her from the corner of her eye, it had just been an oddly shaped bush. That woman really had freaked her out, more than she had realised, she started walking again. After a few minutes she frowned, it sounded like there was a strange echo, like footsteps following her, just slightly off her own. She would have thought someone was following her if not for the fact that the sound was that of a woman walking in high heels. It had to just be a trick of the area, some weird acoustics she didn’t notice normally.

Sally’s heart was beating quickly, her breathing coming in ragged gasps, she was walking as fast as she could without breaking into a run, and still that sound followed her, far too long to just be a weird trick of sound, someone was following her, but whenever she turned or tried to look she couldn’t see anyone. Any time she stopped the sound stopped too making it hard to pinpoint. The sound of blood rushing in her ears was making everything else harder to hear, but she could have sworn the footsteps were getting louder, closer. She turned again, “All right, this isn’t funny anymore, stop screwing around.”
She turned and started walking, she wouldn’t be intimidated by whoever it was, she reached into her bag for her phone, she’d ring someone, her mum perhaps, hadn’t talked to her in a while. If she pretended she was going home to someone whoever it was might just leave her alone. She pulled out her phone, already feeling better. The screen lit up, the brightness of it was almost blinding, Sally squinted at it as she lowered the brightness of the screen. As she did so she kept walking, but she had slowed. Behind her she could hear the footsteps moving faster. Sally picked up the pace, the phone started to ring, already she could feel herself calming a little. Something struck her from behind, Sally cried out, her phone flying from her hand. She fell to the ground hard, knocking the air out of her lungs. She tried to quickly scrabble to her feet but something hit her hard in the back, sending her to the ground again. Above her something chuckled, she rolled over and saw what it was, it wasn’t human, it was too tall, with weird, sharp angles. It’s eyes were endless black, it hurt Sally to look at them, but she couldn’t look away. The creature reached out, Sally didn’t have time to scream.

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After The End. Short Story.

Tony looked out the window, at the people walking past on the sidewalk, at the sun shining in the sky and the clouds floating serenely above, it all seemed so perfect, but it was wrong, it had to be. Tony turned from the window, he couldn’t shake that feeling, he knew it had to be only a dream, but yet part of him still insisted it was true. The apocalypse had come and the world had ended one hundred days ago, yet things continued on as normal. He didn’t know why no one else seemed to remember, though he himself was unclear on the details, he remembered the sudden all encompassing terror, the wave of darkness that had washed over them all, then he woke up in his bed like nothing had happened.

Tony made himself a cup of coffee then went into the back garden, it looked a little overgrown, but it had always looked like that. He couldn’t remember the last time he had actually bothered with it. He took a deep breath, then released it slowly, what ever complaints he had he had to say the air was definitely cleaner now. He suspected that was because people weren’t using their cars anymore. Sure he had memories of doing his shopping, or going to work, but he couldn’t remember anything specific, there was nothing to link them to a specific time. He couldn’t remember what he did in work last Tuesday, but he knew he was in work, he didn’t know what the weekly specials in the shops were this week, but he knew he had gone, he had memories of driving around, but he couldn’t remember the last time he actually filled the car with petrol. Every so often he would think to check the odometer on it, but something would inevitably come up, he’d lost his keys or he’d drop a glass, or he’d be stopped by one of the neighbours and by the time they were done chatting he forgot all about what he had been doing. He didn’t suspect any of the neighbours were in on it, or if they were they were all amazing actors. Any time he mentioned the apocalypse, or his theory of false memories people would act strange around him, but it never seemed to last long, a day at most and then everything was back to normal.

He finished off his coffee and put the mug down on the small table, today was the day he was leaving. The idea had been in the back of his mind for a while, though he was always afraid to act on it, whenever he did think of it he would feel a spike of anxiety worming its way through his chest. He walked through his house and out the front door, not stopping. His heart was beating quickly, he could feel the sweat start to drip down his face. Everything took on a strange appearance, slightly too bright and somehow everything was happening slowly but all too quickly. As he walked down the road people stopped what they were doing and stared at him. The woman across the road, Lily? Lila? Stood at her front door, newspaper clutched to her chest, her eyes were slightly too wide, her mouth was held tightly. He ignored her and kept going, he just needed to keep moving that was all. Nothing strange about going for a walk on a nice day, that’s all it was, a stroll to the shops, he just needed to keep calm, look like he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

He made it to the end of the road before someone stopped him, Bob put his hand on Tonys shoulder, the sudden touch made him jump, “Hey, what’s going on? You ok? You look kind of out of it, too much coffee this morning?”
“What? No, sorry just lost in my thoughts. Figured I’d just walk to the shops.”
“Why? What for? Do you need something? I’m sure we could help out with what ever you need.”
“What? No, I just wanted a walk, that was all.”
“Are you sure that’s a good idea? It is pretty hot out, maybe you should wait until it’s a bit cooler, a nice evening stroll. Or you could just do it tomorrow, we were thinking of firing up the barbeque, want to join us? A few ice cold beers would really hit the spot wouldn’t they?”
“Bob it’s not even ten.”
“So? It’s the weekend, live a little.”
Bob’s fingers were starting to dig into his shoulder, “No, I really shouldn’t be drinking this early. Thanks for the offer, I might pop in later if that suits?”
“Yeah, of course buddy, anytime.”
Tony started walking, Bob held onto his shoulder for a second longer then let go, bob stood there, arm at his side, staring at him. Tony picked up the pace, he was almost jogging. He could see the exit of the estate now, he looked back and saw that everyone on the street was still and all of them were staring at him.

His stomach churned, he felt like he was going to be sick, a wave of dizziness hit him, he slowed but didn’t stop. There were footsteps behind him, heavy and quick, like someone was running after him, Tony couldn’t stop now, he was so close.
“Hey!” it sounded like Bob, “Hey! Stop!”
Tony tried to move faster but it felt like something was pushing his entire body back. “Tony!” He turned, stumbling back as he did so, Bob was running at him, his arms pistoning up and down, in one hand he gripped something long and shiny. Before Tony could react, Bob plunged the skewer into his eye, Tony screamed as Bob pulled the skewer back and started stabbing him again and again. Tony collapsed to the ground, Bob kept stabbing, his expression blank.

Tony woke up, his heart pounding heavily, someone was attacking him. He looked around his room in confusion, it must have been a nightmare, something about the neighbourhood or…? He shook his head, what ever it had been it was gone. Tony got out of bed and stretched, he looked out the window, another nice day, of course it was. Everyone was outside enjoying the sun and not one of them seemed to notice that the world had ended and the apocalypse had already come. Maybe today would be the day he’d finally try to leave.

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No Short Story Today. Blog Post.

Hey guys, no short story for today, I’ll be back on schedule this Wednesday, hope everyone had an awesome weekend.

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Body Snatcher. Short Story.

“How many times have you died now?”
“I’m not sure, it’s hard to keep track.”
“How do you lose track?”
“It all blurs into one after a while. I kept a log book for a while, it’s around here somewhere if you want to dig it out, but really I don’t see why that’s important.”
“It’s important because it has to be having some effect on you, if not physically then mentally, the human brain isn’t supposed to experience death over and over again, eventually something is going to give.”
“I’m not the only one doing this you know, and they all seem fine.”
“Seem being the word there. What do you know about any of them? Nothing but a fake name and a bunch of words on a screen. For all you know they could be batshit crazy.”
“Trust me, they’re telling the truth. I’ve met a few of them, not them physically obviously, but I would have spotted something wrong.”
“You’re being way too relaxed about this, it’s dangerous, how many times have you almost died?”
“Uh, six, maybe seven? Not that many in the grand scheme of things, I think that’s a pretty low rate really.”
“Low rate? Anything is too high. What happens if you can’t fix it? What happens if your body dies while you’re not in it?”
“I don’t know.”
“Exactly and that’s the problem, no one does. Everything will keep being fine until it isn’t, one day this is going to catch up with you. How many people do you know that have just disappeared? No one ever heard from them again?”
Jessica shrugged, “A couple.”
“And how long until it happens to you?”
“That’s the thing though, it won’t happen to me. I’m good at what I do, I’m better than them at the very least.”
“Oh, so that’s supposed to be reassuring is it? Your judgement that everything is fine? Would you trust an addict telling you they have their drug use under control? No. No you wouldn’t. This is the exact same, how long has it been since you’ve taken a break? No, you don’t need to answer, I already know, it’s been three years. You haven’t gone a single day without using it in three goddamned years. And what am I supposed to do? Just sit around waiting, scared out of my mind that you won’t come back, that your heart will stop beating, that any number of people will finally track you down. I can’t do it anymore. I won’t. I’m not going to do that to myself.”
“Wait, you can’t leave, I need your help with this stuff, it’s safer with two people.”
Jack laughed, “you don’t even care that I’m going do you? You just want someone here to watch over you. That’s all I am to you isn’t it? Just a glorified babysitter. I’m done. You’re on your own.”
He picked up a small bag, “Wait, you can’t go yet, what about the rest of your stuff?”
He shook his head sadly, “I’ve been moving my stuff out for the last week. I though maybe it would help snap you out of it. Did you even notice that the fucking couch was gone?”
“I’m doing an important job, these people need me. I have to do it.”
“There’s always going to be a reason to keep going, you’ll always find a way to justify it. Well I can’t justify it anymore.”
Jack turned and left, “You can’t do this, I need your help! I need you.”
the door closed with a gentle click that seemed to fill the entire room. Jessica stayed sitting, she was too exhausted to stand, not that she would chase after him even if she could. He was just being dramatic, that was all. He’d be back sooner or later. He had always come back before. Besides, he was wrong, she could stop if she wanted to, but she was doing important work. She couldn’t just bail and leave everyone else hanging, as it was their numbers were too low already.

Jessica sat back, then paused, did she really want to do this without a spotter? It was important work, but doing it alone could be dangerous, what if something happened? Maybe he was right, was she addicted to it some how? She couldn’t lie to herself, there was a definite rush, both in going and coming back, and it was certainly exciting, more exciting than her real life could ever be. No, she wasn’t doing this for herself, she was doing it for others, to help people. She closed her eyes and pressed the button. A sudden spike of pain ripped through her head, then it was gone, replaced with euphoria. She opened her eyes and looked around the strange room, sunlight was pouring in from a nearby window, the air smelled of roses and lilac, everything seemed a bit brighter here, better. She could still feel the waves of euphoria washing over her, not as strong as before but they wouldn’t stop until she went back. She moved closer to the window and peered at her reflection in the glass, she was a man this time, about mid-thirties, he wore a suit and had short black hair. She didn’t recognise him, mentally she cursed at herself, she hadn’t done her work beforehand, she had been too upset about Jack, she hadn’t read up on the guy. Well, it wasn’t the first time she had to figure out stuff on the fly. She turned and scanned the room, it looked like a hotel room, and it seemed as though she was alone, “Hello?” Her voice was deeper than she expected, she took a slow breath, the voice sounded normal to her, but it still might sound off to others. She wanted to search through the room, see if she could find anything, but it could be bugged. She went to the wardrobe and pulled out his suitcase, she rifled through it quickly, pretending to be looking for something. There was nothing strange or unusual in the suitcase.

Jessica left the room, in the end it didn’t really matter who this guy was, she would figure out what was going on, she was here for a reason, and she always figured it out in the end. She could feel the thought bouncing around in her head, he had a meeting soon. Smiling slightly she made her way down the hall and got into the elevator, as it went down she closed her eyes and allowed the waves of euphoria to wash over her, already she could feel herself letting go of her worry and anger over Jack. It didn’t matter, he didn’t matter. All that mattered what this.

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Retirement. Short Story.

Thirty-Six lay in bed, staring at the ceiling. He had barely slept the night before, tossing and turning, he would have liked to have gotten out of bed, to pace back and forth in his small room, but he didn’t want to screw up this close to retirement and the rules were clear, everyone was in bed at lights out. Thirty five long years had finally led up to this day, the day that he finally retired. Soon he would be on the surface, sipping a cold beer and sitting in the sun. He’d only be on the surface twice, both times because there were some repairs that needed to be done and it was as beautiful as everyone said. No one worked unless they wanted, everyone was happy and soon, he would be one of them.

The alarm started blaring, Thirty-Six hit the button on the top of it and got out of bed, he couldn’t stop smiling, he could feel the excitement bubbling up in his chest. He wasn’t the only one to retire today, there were twelve others. He looked around his small room, taking it all in, it was after all, the last time he would ever see it. He felt a strange pang in his chest, one he hadn’t expected to feel today, fear, with a hint of sadness. What did he have to be afraid of? As soon as he asked himself the question he knew the answer. He’d have nothing to do on the surface, he wouldn’t know how everything worked, he wouldn’t know anyone up there, not anymore. Sure others he knew had already gone up, but that didn’t mean that they’d want to talk to him anymore. When he had been up there before they didn’t like his kind, but all that would change, now he’d be returning to the surface as a full citizen. He took a slow deep breath, he was being silly, he had worked his entire life, all for this moment.

Thirty-six walked down the corridor, people streamed past him in both directions, one or two smiled at him and a couple waved, they didn’t have time to stop and chat and everything that needed to be said to them had already been said the day before. He stopped outside The Bosses office and feeling that familiar fear in his chest, he knocked on the door. He had only been in The Bosses office a few times and each time it was because he was in trouble, minor mistakes luckily, nothing that warranted severe punishment, or worse, early retirement. The door opened revealing The Boss, he motioned for Thirty-Six to enter, “Good, you’re right on time. Please strip out of your issued clothing and change into the retirement gown that has been provided for you.”
Thirty-Six moved into the room and saw that some of the others had already arrived, two were still changing. Thirty-Six quickly stripped out of his work suit, ignoring the aches and pains through his body, and put on the thin white retirement gown, they would provide him with everything he needed on the surface.

“Thank you all for joining me today, you have all achieved something great. Each of you has reached the age of retirement. Since the founding of our great nation, your people have had a duty to us, to help us rebuild the society that your people destroyed. Your people brought the planet to the brink of destruction and it was only through a combination of luck and skill that we were able to save the planet. You’re people came to us and begged for our help, and despite how you treated us for thousands of years we, in our unending mercy agreed. And so the deal was struck, each of you would work for the first forty years of your lives, you helped keep the people above safe and content and you have all done your jobs admirably. Now for your reward, you will join them and become one of them, granted full citizenship rights, you have worked your way to freedom. The surface is a different place to here, you will be taught how to adjust and acclimatise to the world you are about to enter, a world of pleasure and luxury beyond even your wildest imaginations.”

The Boss turned and walked out of the office, gesturing for everyone to follow. It felt weird being in the tunnels with so few people, usually they were packed but by now everyone had arrived at their stations. The Boss lead them through the mazelike tunnels until he reached the red door, he opened it and stepped inside, the group followed. Inside the walls were draped with red fabric, in the centre of the room was a slightly raised platform, around which were waist high railings. “If you would all please step onto the elevator.”
The group stepped on, Thirty-Six could feel the rising excitement amongst them all. One or two were even holding hands, the sight of which made him feel a little uncomfortable.
“We thank you for your service to us, Please, enjoy the rest of your lives.”
With that he pulled a lever and the platform started to rise.

The platform moved slowly but steadily, above them the ceiling parted and allowed them to pass, once they were through it closed again. Up above there was the sound of grinding metal, then a beam of light shot through the darkness. The ceiling opened fully and the platform sped up. He squinted in the light and then they were outside in the fresh air. Thirty-Six looked around in confusion, this wasn’t what he remembered. There was no incredibly bright green grass, no tall trees, or beautiful flowers. The soil around them was a light grey colour, the only trees were twisted and bare of leaves. He took a few steps forward, then he started coughing, after a few seconds they all were. In the distance he could see something shining in the sun, it looked like a giant glass dome. He took a few steps forward, still coughing, it was getting worse and he was feeling lightheaded, the coughs tore at his throat. Thirty-Six fell to the ground, he tried to pull himself forward but he was too weak. The others were lying on the platform, a few had fallen still, blood coated the front of their white gowns. There was a grinding noise and a deep rumble, to his left he saw two men in all white suits rise from the ground, they were wearing the safety suits, the kind only given to those working in the most dangerous of environments. He reached out towards them hoping for help, for salvation. His hand dropped to the ground, the world dimmed and he was swallowed by the darkness.

The two men started grabbing the bodies and dragging them to the edge of the platform, they swung them into the natural pit, which was almost filled to the brim with corpses. Once the platform was clear they returned to their own platform and waited. After a moment it started to slowly move down, they’d undergo decontamination as usual, then they’d be free to return to their homes on the surface, their civic duties completed.

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Daily Dose. Flash Fiction.

Thomas took a swig from the bottle, then grimaced as he felt the burning heat of it move down his throat before blooming in his stomach. He gasped, then took another drink. He started coughing, beads of sweat began to coat his face. He paused for a moment, gasping for air, there was still half the bottle left. He took a slow breath through clenched teeth, then closing his eyes he swung his head back and downed the rest of the bottle in a few gulps. His stomach clenched painfully, causing him to double over. He collapsed forward and lay on the ground, gasping and groaning as the medicine burned its way through him. His arms and legs started to jerk and twitch, he let out a gasp of pain as his muscles tensed and then relaxed. He lay where he was, breathing heavily, waiting for the tremors to pass. When it was over he got shakily to his feet and stumbled to a nearby chair, he sat down, his entire body felt impossibly heavy, every movement seemed monumental. As time passed he began to get some of his energy back, when he was feeling able he grabbed his glass of water from the small table nearby and took a small sip. He drank his water slowly, knowing from previous experience that drinking too quickly meant throwing it all up.

His finger tips started to tingle, gently at first but it quickly grew in intensity, he felt the burning heat move slowly up his arms, then down his chest. Thomas gritted his teeth, it felt like his entire body was on fire. Finally the burning started to fade. His skin felt sensitive and raw, like he had been rubbed all over with fine sandpaper. Gingerly he shifted in the chair, letting out a hiss of pain as his clothes moved over his body.

A few minutes later there was a gentle knock on the door, “Can I come in?”
“Sure.” His voice was weak, even to his own ears, Samantha opened the door, “Do you need anything?”
“No, I’m fine thank you.”
“Did it work?”
He nodded, “Yeah, it did.”
“Good.” Samantha turned and left the room, closing the door behind herself. The question was just a formality, it was clear from his bright red skin and sweat stained clothes it had worked. The treatment helped keep everything at bay, the pain, the gnawing hunger, but it wouldn’t work forever, someday, maybe soon, maybe twenty years from now, he would drink the medicine and nothing would happen. It was a day he both feared and welcomed, it would mean the end of his suffering, no one with active disease was permitted to live, it was safer and kinder to put him down. He remembered the days before, when he would go out with friends, drinking and clubbing, even just going for walks. It all seemed to long ago, and so unfair that one simple mistake had cost him almost everything. They had been standing outside a nightclub, waiting to get in when a drunk girl staggered out, she was stumbling as she went, he didn’t see how it happened but she tripped and fell forward, he had caught her, more out of instinct than any real desire to help. She had smiled up at him and slurred out a thanks. Then she had coughed, it didn’t seem like that heavy of a coughing fit, nothing remarkable or dangerous. He righted her and she continued on, he turned to his friends who were looking at him in horror. His face was covered in a fine misting of blood. It was the last time he had seen any of them without thick glass between them. He never found out who the girl was, though there were numerous attempts to track her down and quarantine her. Fifteen people were infected that night and he was the last one still living.

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Deep Below. Short Story.

Kelly opened her eyes and felt a sudden jolt of panic, she closed them again hoping that she was still dreaming, but when she opened them she was still in the tunnel. She sat up slowly, looking around herself, how had she gotten here? The last thing she remembered was going to bed the night before and everything had been fine. She had kissed Brian goodnight and then dropped off to sleep pretty quickly. She looked down at herself and felt a chill spread through her, she wasn’t wearing her pyjamas, she was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, she was barefoot. The air felt warm and humid and almost like it was pressing against her. Slowly she stood, expecting a jolt of pain or twinge of tender muscles, but there was nothing. Once she was on her feet she looked around again, she ran her hand along the wall and was surprised to feel tiny bumps underneath her fingertips. She looked closer and saw the wall was covered in names, laid out in tiny, neat little rows. The names were carved into the rock, but who ever had done it must have used a tool, the names were clear and crisp. The walls were about eight foot high and as far as she could tell every inch of the walls were covered, she couldn’t make out the ceiling, but she suspected it was full too. After a moment Kelly realised that there were no lights in the tunnel, yet she could see pretty well, the tunnel faded to shadows in the distance but she could easily see twenty feet in either direction. Somewhere in the darkness she heard a noise, like something shuffling along the ground, “Hello?” the shuffling continued for a second before stopping. “Is there anyone else here?” There was no response.

Kelly took a deep breath, she needed to stay calm, panicking would be the worst thing she could do right now. She exhaled slowly, she had gotten here somehow, but if she had gotten in there had to be a way out. Her feet were clean so maybe she had been carried, she had checked her scalp for any cuts or tender areas but there was nothing, so maybe she had been drugged. She looked both ways down the tunnel and after a seconds indecision went left. She walked slowly, hand running along the wall as she went.

After ten minutes she stopped, confused. The tunnel wasn’t getting any brighter but it seemed like the light was moving with her, when she looked back the way she came she could see darkness in the distance and same with ahead, but the light never dimmed or shifted. She looked at the ground and saw she had no shadow, it was as though the light was coming from everywhere. She cupped her hands against the wall and leaned in, expecting to see a dull glow, but there was just blackness. Behind her something shuffled again. Kelly jumped slightly and started walking, she hated bugs and creepy crawlies and she knew there had to be some of them in here with her. What ever that shuffling thing was she didn’t want to be anywhere near it.

The dry scratchiness of her throat was maddening, her tongue felt thick and heavy in her mouth, how long had she been walking down here? Hours? Days? She hadn’t slept, but that wasn’t much help, she hadn’t felt tired yet, though her legs and feet were starting to ache. The warmth of the floor had been welcomed at first, but now it was starting to unnerve her. The ground felt oddly soft, like she was walking on a very thin layer of carpet, the image of a long, undulating throat came to her mind and she pushed it away. That was ridiculous. What ever this place was it was man made at the very least. She paused, what if it was just a giant circle? Would she even notice? She leaned against the wall, feeling the warmth of it on her back, that strange shuffling sound returned, though it sounded closer than before, beneath it there was something else, it sounded almost like someone gently breathing. She felt a ripple of goose bumps over her flesh, feeling a spike of fear Kelly started walking again, jogging for a few feet every now and then.

Kelly sat against the wall, her legs were so tired and her feet burned, it felt like she had been down here for weeks, months. Part of her feared that maybe this was her life, this is all that there ever had been or ever would and that her memories were just the remnants of a vivid dream she had had. She tried to push the thought away, tell herself that it was crazy, but it kept coming back. The shuffling was getting closer though she had yet to see what was causing it. She wanted to continue on but she didn’t have the energy. Her throat burned and her stomach grumbled sullenly. She had never been this hungry or thirsty before, the hunger held an edge of nausea to it, the thirst was starting to become maddening, she ran her tongue over her dry, cracked lips and winced at the pain. From the darkness came a soft whisper, too soft to make out. “Hello? I know you’re there.” Her voice was weak and scared, even to her own ears. The whispering came again, “Please, whoever you are, just let me out of here, tell me how to get out.”
The whisper came, just barely audible, “there is no way out.” Then silence fell.
The sound of her heart thudding filled her ears, panic filled her with a new energy and Kelly stood, she started stumbling down the hall, her hand dragging along the wall as she leaned on it for strength.

Kelly stopped, her hand running over a small, tiny smooth patch on the stone, she paused and looked at it, there was a small gap between the names. Did that mean anything? Was it a signal? A way to tell direction down here? Maybe it was how you got in and out, after all there had to be an entrance and there had been no twists or turns in the tunnel so far. She ran her fingers along the smooth spot, looking for a catch or something that would tell her she was right. She felt a breath of air on the back of her neck, Kelly froze, she let out a faint whimper, the whisper returned, a stench like rotting meat filled the air, “I see you’ve found your spot. They always do down here.” Kelly’s eyes scanned over the names, there were thousands of them, maybe even millions, long bony fingers slid across the back of her neck and Kelly started to scream.

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